Tip Jar: Top Down Set-in sleeves

This is by far my favorite way making sleeves.  I learned using Wendy Bernard’s wonderful book “Custom Knits”.  I highly recommend it.  The patterns are beautiful, simple and classic and she has so much great information to help  you modify and design your own patterns.   I bought  the book when I had a pattern I loved but I wanted to do my own sleeves.   I think these sleeves look more professional too as the seam is also perfect.

Recently, I saw this link and I think it’s the same technique and really nicely explained for someone who might want to try it themselves.


About knitwithasilentk

I learned to sew from my mom as a child. I quickly started making my own patterns. But sewing machines and small apartments in New York City did not mix. Looking for a more portable and social hobby, I picked up knitting needles almost 20 years ago and have not put them down since. I am easily distracted by shiny, sparkling pretty yarn.
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